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National Coalition against Bonded labour.

Against the backdrop of pervade atrocities on bonded labourers mostly migrant in brick kiln industry, in all over Pakistan by the feudal lords  owner and their middlemen, a true picture of laws of jungle, Bonded labour Liberation front Pakistan  was established in 1988. An open call was given to fight against this brutal system.




All human are equal before the law and should be treated equally in all respects with out any discrimination on the bases of cast, creed, religion, economic status. All sort of economic exploitation leads towards poverty and social disharmony which effects peace, economy and democracy at national level and international level as well.



Our mission is total eradication of the bonded labour, injustice, illiteracy inequality and poverty in south Asia.



Building solidarity among all stakeholders to put pressure for eradication of BL There are major stakeholders who could be the most effective tools to eradicate the bonded labour are:

· Trade unions /labour Federations.

· Political parties. Parliamentarians’

· Civil society organization

· Brick kiln owner association

· Government institutions,

· Judiciary, Bar councils  and law enforcement agencies’

· Educational institutions.

· Electronic and print media.

· Brick Kiln labour

· NGOs and INGOs


Known Experience of BLLF:

· Teacher Training.

· Ombudsman training

· Parent committees Training

· We can end violence against women

· Organisation and Unionization of the Brick kiln workers.

· Apna school education program

· Release rehabilitation and Capacity building of freed bonded labour.

· Independents, carpet, shoe makers, home based workers unionization

· Conduct workshops at work place.

Our Current Projects


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Stakeholders Consultation on Eradication of Bonded Labour.


Overall objective:

To ensure that stakeholder are sensitized about the delivery of labour rights to brick kiln workers.



Sponsored by:



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Support social protection and decent work  for brick kiln workers and bonded labour in Pakistan


Overall Objectives:

To contribute to poverty reduction and social inclusion of informal workers and bonded laborers in Pakistan.


Sponsored by:

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 (Anti slavery Guards)

District Kasur.


Overall Objective:

To contribute to the eradication of bonded labour in district Kasur by increasing the capacities of labourers to demand their rights and entitlements.


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